Think about the people who influence you. Do you follow them because they follow other people? No, you follow them because they have a perspective in the first place.

In the end, RIM’s Achilles Heel is not marketing or technology… it’s innovation.

Remove all of the technological hurdles that you have in front of your brand and focus on a defendable and unique market position.

Over time, I identified a single factor that makes the biggest difference between a great meeting and a poor one: PowerPoint. The best meetings don’t go near it.

At its base level SEO is just sound marketing.

The point is that at the end of the day, with regards to marketing your company, it’s not what the thirty other people say or what their opinion is, it’s what you are comfortable with and what you feel reflects you and your company.

And yet, without guidance and clear communication from the CEO, employees immersed in social media might make the mistake of expressing the company in ways that are in direct contrast to its value proposition.

In the world of leveraging Social Media Influence however most of the marketing efforts today do things exactly backwards.

You want to create urgency on the buyer side, not display yours.

Your idea for your latest venture may not be the one that changes the world but it’s your idea and reasoning behind your business that starts the revolution.

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