Social business we so passionately claim to envision is made of simple ideas strung together with the extraordinary power and complexity of information itself.

You must accept that successful adoption and adaptation of any kind is progressive, not absolute. We must be willing to sell in the value of progress itself.

New and uncertain activities make people happier and create more meaning than familiar routines. Re-train your brain to benefit from the pleasures of surprise and uncertainty.

Don’t make your Facebook wall or Twitter stream sound like one endless promotion. People don’t want to be sold to, they want their problems solved.

Abandoning key ideas for the realm of something new can lessen the power of your marketing content. Embracing monotony with excellence requires a keen sense of creativity.

Don’t Hide The Awesome! You are only doing yourself and your company a disservice.

Leaders want to build something they can’t build alone.

“Who wants to sponsor my trip to Overrated Conference” is about as exciting as a colonoscopy.

The best content marketing has a purpose in mind for a particular audience and an outcome or objective according to customer preferences.

If you are only regurgitating old ideas without new thoughts on how they should work from inside out, then you are likely not destined for entrpreneraul greatness.

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